Door Pulls and Plates
Push plates are typically used on swinging doors or doors that have a door pull on one side. Browse our large selection of door pulls and plates to find the perfect style for your door.View all Door Pulls and Plates
Door Catches
Door catches are a convenient way of keeping a door closed without using a door latch. Ideally used in conjunction with dummy door knobs or dummy levers. Choose from a variety of door magnetic catches, ball catches, roller door catches and latches.View all Door Catches
Door Stops & Bumpers
Protect your walls and door hardware with our stylish Bumpers or Door Stops for sale. Choose from a wide selection, including hinge mounted doors stops, dome stops, baseboard door bumpers, rubber door bumpers, goose-neck floor stops as well as magnetic floor door stops.View all Door Stops & Bumpers
Flush Pulls & Pocket Door Locks
Find the perfect solution for your pocket door, with our wide selection of edge pulls, flush door pulls and pocket door locks. Made in many different finishes to compliment your existing door and cabinet hardware.View all Flush Pulls & Pocket Door Locks
Need a place to hang your robe or towel? Browse through our wide selection of decorative wall mounted hooks, coat hanger hooks, bathroom wall hooks and others to find your perfect solution. Available in a multitude of finishes and designs to compliment your existing hardware.View all Hooks
Add the finishing touch to your room by upgrading your switch plates. There are many different decorative switchplates and outlet covers available including contemporary and traditional designs. Switchplate covers are also available in a multitude of beautiful finishes to compliment your existing hardware.View all Switchplates
Window Locks
Secure your window with one of our decorative locks for windows. Available in many finishes to compliment your existing hardware. Choose from window sash locks, a casement window latch and shutter bars.View all Window Locks

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