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Dexter Dummy Knobs & Levers

Perfect for the inactive leaf of a double door, or anywhere else a latch is not needed such as a closet door.
Dexter J170-BYR Byron Single Dummy KnobDexter J170-BYR Byron Single Dummy KnobPriced From: $3.71 SKU:J170-BYR Available in 3 Finishes Dexter J170-CNA Corona Single Dummy KnobDexter J170-CNA Corona Single Dummy KnobPriced From: $4.10 SKU:J170-CNA Available in 7 Finishes Dexter J170-STR Stratus Single Dummy KnobDexter J170-STR Stratus Single Dummy KnobPriced From: $4.10 SKU:J170-STR Available in 4 Finishes Dexter J170-LAS LaSalle Single Dummy LeverDexter J170-LAS LaSalle Single Dummy LeverPriced From: $7.81 SKU:J170-LAS Available in 4 Finishes
Dexter J170-DOV  Dover Single Dummy LeverDexter J170-DOV Dover Single Dummy LeverPriced From: $8.21 SKU:J170-DOV Available in 1 Finishes Dexter J170-MAR Marin Single Dummy LeverDexter J170-MAR Marin Single Dummy LeverPriced From: $8.21 SKU:J170-MAR Available in 2 Finishes Dexter J170-SEV Seville Single Dummy LeverDexter J170-SEV Seville Single Dummy LeverPriced From: $8.49 SKU:J170-SEV Available in 3 Finishes Dexter J170-SOL Solstice Single Dummy LeverDexter J170-SOL Solstice Single Dummy LeverPriced From: $8.49 SKU:J170-SOL Available in 4 Finishes
Dexter J170-TOR Torino Single Dummy LeverDexter J170-TOR Torino Single Dummy LeverPriced From: $8.49 SKU:J170-TOR Available in 5 Finishes

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