Schlage Lever Sets

Keyed Entry Levers

We carry the full range of Schlage Keyed Entry Door Lever Sets. Keyed Entry locks, are generally used on exterior doors, but are sometimes used on interior doors where security is a concern. For these Schlage door levers a key is required to unlock from the exterior and a thumb turn is used to lock from the interior.

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Privacy Levers
Ideal for the bathroom and bedroom, where you might need privacy. A thumb turn engages the lock from the interior. View all Privacy Levers
Passage Levers
Perfect for a child’s bedroom, hallway and closet doors where no lock is needed. Can also be used on exterior doors with a deadbolt.View all Passage Levers
Dummy Levers

These Schlage dummy levers are perfect for the inactive leaf of a double door, or anywhere else a latch is not needed such as a closet door. Order a dummy door handle from today!

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Electronic Levers
Offers the same security as a Keyed Entry Lever but with an additional entry option using the keypad.View all Electronic Levers
Storeroom Levers

Outside Lever always locked. Entrance by key only. Inside Lever always unlocked.

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