Baldwin Archetypes

Made from Hand-cast Bronze in 3 highly detailed styles - Villa, Chateau & Craftsman. Available in 7 finishes.
Price Point: $$$$

Unfortunately, all Baldwin Archetypes products have been discontinued. However,

please see our Rocky Mountain Hardware Section, or call us for comparable 

Rocky Mountain Hardware Products. 


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About Baldwin Archetypes

Baldwin hand crafts each piece of its Archetypes Collection through a process known as precision casting – the oldest and most respected

method of casting today. Also known as lost wax casting, this method dates back thousands of years when natural beeswax was used to mold

and pattern copper, bronze and gold on the tombs of Egyptian royalty. Today precision casting utilizes high-technology waxes, high heat

materials and specialty alloys, to create the most exact method of creating complex detailing unmatched by conventional manufacturing techniques.