Mack Collection

Rocky Mountain IP21014 Mack Privacy Mortise Bolt with Emergency Release Trim
Priced From: $228.00
SKU: IP21014
Available in 2 Finishes
Rocky Mountain E21005 Mack Escutcheon with choice of Knob or Lever
Priced From: $488.00
SKU: E21005
Available in 10 Finishes
Rocky Mountain E21056, E21057, E210592-1/2" x 10" Mack Escutcheon
Priced From: $632.00
SKU: E21056,E21057,E21059
Available in 10 Finishes

Your choice of Escutcheon, Function & Finish, paired with any Knob or Lever


Rocky Mountain Finishes   

The various elements of time, touch and climate work together with bronze to create an unique hue. Each piece, then, distinctly reflects its surroundings.