Deadbolt Locks and their Types

The only thing standing between a burglar and your house is a lock, at least in most cases. No lock is 100% unbreakable,but a strong lock will not be easy to break and will provide you with more security. The stronger the lock, the better protected you are from theft and break-ins.

One of the most commonly used locks is a spring bolt lock. This lock employs a spring to keep the bolt in place. Applying force on the bolt causes it to retract.

Another is a deadbolt lock,a more secure option. This lock is designed in such a way that it is nearly impossible to unlock it without removing its cylinder. It is therefore very difficult to gain entry without the right key.Due to the added security they offer, deadbolt locks are mostly used on main entrances.

There are three popular types of deadbolt locks:

Single Cylinder

This is the most commonly used type of deadbolt lock. It allows access from the outside using a key operated cylinder. On the interior side of the door, there is a metal latch to operate the interior part of the cylinder. This design is suitable for fulfilling basic security needs for most homes.

Double Cylinder

Just like the single cylinder, the double cylinder lock also works with a key. However, a double cylinder deadbolt works with a key on both sides. This makes a deadbolt more complex and secure as it requires a key to lock and unlock from both sides.

This type of lock is useful with doors fitted with glass panes. It prevents the thief from being able to open the door, even if the glass is broken.

Keyless Entry

As the name implies, this form of deadbolt locks work without keys. These locks come with a numeric keypad and open and close when a unique password is entered. However, there are some models that do offer a key to override the password system.

Keyless deadbolt locks offer the added feature of being locked and unlocked using remote controls too, but that feature is specific to the variant you go for. They incorporate a technology similar to the one used in cars, where a signal with the instruction to lock or unlock is sent to the lock using a remote transmitter. Just like the car, there is some audio visual response to indicate whether the deadbolt is locked or unlocked.

All three types of deadbolts have their own unique purposes and are more secure than spring bolt locks.


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