When it comes to decorating rooms around the house, the choices available are all but endless. However, decorating a kitchen is an exception, with relatively limited choices and options available, making it a confounding undertaking.

The most important feature, and one that most likely covers a large part of your kitchen, are kitchen cabinets. Various forms of kitchen cabinet decorative hardware are available to add charm to your kitchen.

Once you have purchased quality kitchen cabinets, you will want to decorate them with high-grade decorative hardware. Baldwin kitchen cabinet hardware is particularly popular in this regard these days, serving to provide a great facelift to your old cabinets without requiring you to replace them. Decorative hardware is a simple and cost effective method to uplift the appearance of your kitchen.

Purchasing Decorative Hardware

One of the most important factors that you should consider before purchasing any cabinet hardware is that it should match not only with your kitchen, but with other articles of furniture as well.

For example, if the furnishings in home are primarily in the rustic style, it is advisable that you maintain the décor and select hardware with a rustic touch. Similarly, if your house sports modern décor, you should consider similar decorative hardware. You might want to consider high gloss metal or ceramic hardware.

Decorative Hardware Options

Before you purchase any hardware, it is essential that you know which options are available to you.

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

The pulls and knobs are one of the most essential parts of kitchen cabinets. Functioning to allow you to open and close the cabinet, they serve as an important element when it comes to decoration. It is therefore vital that you select knobs and pulls that are not only attractive but also durable.

Back Plates

These plates are fitted between the drawer’s surface and the drawer itself. Their actual purpose is to protect the wood of the cabinet, but they can also be used as a decorative component.


Cabinet hinges serve to be the most important part of cabinet doors. They allow the door to swing open and close. Although these are not visible on the front, it is essential that you pay attention to their durability and quality. Good cabinet hinges can last for a very long time.

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