Deadbolts at Low Price Door Knobs

A deadbolt is the clincher for adding that extra layer of protection to any door. They are most commonly used on doors that lead to the exterior of a home or building. Most typically a steel bolt is thrown when the deadbolt is engaged and they are usually installed above a knob or lever

Deadbolts are available in variety of functions, finishes and styles and offers a great selection.


Typical Uses for Different  Deadbolt Functions

A single cylinder deadbolt is one of the most popular choices for residential applications, such as single and multi-family homes and apartments. A key is required to lock or unlock from the exterior and a thumb turn is used to throw the bolt from the interior.

Double cylinder door deadbolts are typically used on doors with glass or where there are glass windows within easy reach of the door. A key is used to lock and unlock on the exterior and interior of the door. We recommend caution when installing double cylinder locks on any structure which is used for egress, as they could prove to be a safety hazard in times of emergency. Installation should be in accordance with existing codes only.

One Sided Deadbolts are great for exterior balcony doors or rental property. They can be locked by using the thumb turn on the interior. The exterior of the door either has no exterior trim or an outside plate may be used. They offer the same security as a single cylinder deadbolt of identical grades.

Electronic Deadbolts offer the same security as a single cylinder deadbolt with an additional entry option using the key pad - great for when you have your hands full or when you need to give a temporary code out to someone.

Commercial Deadbolts are generally used for High Traffic applications, such as retail buildings, hospitals and offices. will help you find the right deadbolt door locks to suit your application and style. Please call us for assistance finding the right deadbolt for your door, or if there is something you are unable to locate on our website.