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Door Knobs come in a variety of functions including passage door knobs, privacy door knobs, keyed / entrance door knobs, electronic door knobs, dummy door knobs, decorative door knobs that come in different materials such as crystal / porcelain door knobs and stainless steel door knobs with locks. will help you find the right door handles and knobs to work with your application and style.

We have come a long way since the very first door knob and the future of door knobs today, seems to be taking us more along the route of security. We now purchase door knobs, not only to dress our doors but to keep our homes and our possessions safe and secure. If you are interested about the history of the door knob, please continue reading below.

History of the Door Knob

Believe it or not, the Door Knob is a relatively recent invention.

We know about door closing devices and technology from archeological and historical remains as well as from popular expressions. The Bible contains references to barring gates and doors; for century’s people used bars to keep doors shut and secure.

Early locks with keys may have been made from wood. They were a lot larger than today, and having a key meant being in a position of trust. Instead of locking a door, people often kept valuable possessions in chests or boxes which could be locked. The name chamberlain, a name that is very old, dating back to the days when kings kept their treasures safely locked in their bedrooms – a chamberlain was a servant trusted with keys to the kings’ locks.

So, closing and securing doors did not need a door knob. Locks were expensive and poor people in Europe and early America relied on a simpler and less costly approach to open and close doors known as the latch string. With a bar across the door, people inside were safe. To secure a house when they were out, a small hole was made in the door where a leather strip or easily made piece of cord/string, could be inserted and looped around the bar. To gain entry when there was someone at home the piece of leather or cord would be hanging on the outside of the door and when pulled would raise the bar. You may still hear people saying “the latch string is out”, meaning welcome.

So who invented the door knob? The first documented invention of the door knob appears in U.S Patent entries in 1878, when a patent was issued to a man named Osbourn Dorsey for improvements on a door closing device. Very little is known about Mr. Dorsey’s history such as where he lived or what else he did, so we will probably never really know for certain who invented the door knob – but one thing is for sure, that this invention is  now the traditional choice for most doorways throughout the world!