Stunning Entrances

A Handleset can change your entry way from ordinary to spectacular. Front door handlesets are available in many different styles, finishes and functions. Below you can see which style is right for you.

One Piece Handlesets consist of a single plate which connects the grip to the deadbolt. These kinds of handlesets, are also referred to as Monolithic.

Two Piece Handlesets are composed of two sections. The deadbolt and the grip are mounted separately from each other - ideal if you do not have a standard center to center measurement. Two piece handlesets are also commonly known as section handlesets.

Full Plate Handlesets have the deadbolt and the handle/grip resting on one solid plate.

Grip by Grip Handlesets are identical on the exterior and interior. There is a grip on both sides of the door.

Electronic Handlesets combine the security and convenience of a keypad deadbolt with the elegance of a handleset. Perfect for issuing a temporary code to the cable guy or to guests.

Mortise Handlesets require special door preparation. A pocket is mortised out of the edge of the door and a mortise box fits inside.

LowPriceDoorKnobs.com will help you find the right Handleset to suit your application and style. Please call us for assistance finding the right entry door handlesets with deadbolts for your door, or if there is something you are unable to locate on our website. We are always ready to help and answer any of your questions.