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There are some advantages of lever style door handles over a door knob, mainly due to its ease of use. Disabled and the elderly find levers much easier to open a door as well as children. A firm grip may be needed to turn a knob, whereas a door lever opens with a simple pull down. Many of the door lever handles that we offer are ADA compliant.

Door levers are available in a variety of functions to suit your needs, including Keyed Entry Levers, Passage Levers, Privacy Levers, Dummy Levers and Electronic Levers as well as Commercial Levers.


Typical Uses for Different  Lever Functions

Keyed Entry Levers are generally used on doors that lead to the exterior of the home. Keyed entry lever door knobs add security to the building or room.

Passage Levers are perfect for a child's bedroom, a hallway or closet doors where no lock is needed. They can also be used in conjunction with a deadbolt on exterior doors.

Privacy Levers are ideal for the bathroom or bedroom, were you might need privacy. A thumb turn or push button engages the lock from the interior,  and a screwdriver or unlock tool can disengage the lock from the exterior.

Dummy Levers are perfect for the inactive leaf of a double door, or anywhere else a latch is not needed, such as a closet door. Dummy levers typically act as a pull and are a decorative rather than functioning.

Electronic Levers offer the same security as a Keyed Entry Lever, but with an additional entry option using the keypad.

Commercial Levers are generally used for High Traffic applications, such as retail buildings, hospitals and offices. will help you find the right door lever to suit your application and style. Please call us for assistance finding the right lever for your door, or if there is something you are unable to locate on our website.