Bringing In the Style on Your Deadbolt

When it’s a matter of securing your property and the lives of your loved ones, deadbolts are undeniably one of the safest options to go with. You get the protection you need, along with peace of mind.

However, should you really sacrifice style for beauty?

Take the boring out of your deadbolt, because has the ideal solution that allows you to beef up your security…stylishly!

First Up – Single Cylinder or Double?

Deadbolts operate by sliding a thick metal bolt into the doorframe in order to lock the door. In order to gain access, this metal bolt is detached from the doorframe, either by its key or a thumbscrew. The bolt in the deadbolt is perhaps one of the strongest features of this door hardware, owing to its popularity in high security situations. They’re available in two different kinds:

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

These are one of the most common kinds of door knobs. Often used in residential homes, they feature a cylinder and key access from the exterior, and a thumbscrew on the inside. This means, that while you may require a key access to unlock the door from the outside, it can simply be twisted from the inside to grant access. In case of any kind of emergencies, these single cylinder deadbolts are ideal!

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Much like the single cylinder, the double cylinder deadbolt operates with a similar principle, with the added security. However, there is a key access on either sides of the door.  In case someone breaks in, through say, a window, they will still require a key to unlock the door from the inside.

Time to Style It Up With Omnia, Balwin, Emtek, & Much More!

Most people fail to realize the true potential of a deadbolt that can completely revamp the look of not just your door, but your room as well! From contemporary styles, to classy and antiques, you have some of the best brands that are synonymous with style:

Baldwin Deadbolts

From the premier collections of Baldwin door hardware comes from Baldwin Estate line, Baldwin Reserve and Baldwin Prestige. This brand has been one of the leaders in contemporary styles, intricate designs and customization. Breathe new life into your door hardware with the latest in Balwin deadbolts.

Emtek Deadbolts

If classy and sophisticated, with a touch of old school is the style you’re opting for, Emtek displays some of the best collection in their French antique and oil rubbed bronze finishing.

Omnia Deadbolts

Recapture vintage style in our line of Omnia deadbolts. When it comes down to variety, Omnia is a personal favorite of many. The brand has developed its reputation as a name that brings forth a collection in traditional designs, modern low profile auxiliary deadbolts, modern mortise, and much more.

Ready To Kickstart Your Search For A stylish Deadbolt?

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