Getting Hand-Crafted Perfection with Rocky Mountain Hardware

Your door hardware is as important as any other aspect of your home. Traditional designs and modern styles of common door hardware rarely inspire. They are, simply put, ordinary.

For an extraordinary touch to their doors, and high-end customization, customers opt for Rocky Mountain door hardware. The brand aims to go beyond the regular expectations, bringing forth some of the most exquisite, unique and handcrafted door hardware pieces. If there is any brand that surpasses its own standards each time, it’s Rocky Mountain.

The Secret behind Rocky Mountain Door Hardware

The product line offer customers a range in everything from Rocky Mountain Entry Sets, Rocky Mountain Builder Series, along with almost half a dozen designer collections, namely, Briggs Collection, Ellis Collection, Fleur De Lis Collection, Paris Collection by Roger Thomas and many more.

The process begins with the design in mind. This is one of the single most defining features in Rocky Mountain. Some of the leading door hardware brands establish the concept of locksets from material, durability and use. For Rocky Mountain, the aim is the architectural significance of design that is created in the company’s talented artisans’ minds.

The designs are cast at approximately 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the raw castings are acquired, they are handed over into the care and expertise of different designers who work toward finishing the hardware.

Going ‘Green’ In Your Choice of Door Hardware

Every year, in the U.S., an estimate 251 million tons of waste is discarded as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). As a brand, aiming to make a difference, Rocky Mountain decided to reduce the impact of waste on the planet by recycling post consumer materials.

Post consumer materials indicate that products were created using the materials of older items that reached the end of their life, and were beyond any use. The bronze used in Rocky Mountain Hardware products contain a minimum of 90% of this post-consumer recycled content by residents and businesses.

Furthermore, the sand that is used to cast molds is reconditioned in order to be reused, resulting in zero percent waste. And, finally, the procedure is concluded with their eco-friendly patina process to create beautiful hues in their collection, for which they are known in the industry.

By choosing Rocky Mountain, you not only receive designs that are unique and unmatched, but also ones that stand up for something much more than home décor.

Add Inspiration To Your Home With Rocky Mountain Door Hardware!

Take some time out to feast your eyes on the collection by Rocky Mountain on We hold some of the best lines from leading brands other than Rocky Mountain. From Baldwin door hardware to Weslock handlesets, Omnia deadbolts and much more, you get everything and anything on door hardware!

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