The Three Looks of Baldwin - What are the differences between Baldwin Estate, Baldwin Reserve and Baldwin Prestige?

Baldwin offers one of the largest selections of door hardware in the industry - so what are the major differences between Estate, Reserve and Prestige?

All 3 lines exude the Baldwin Trademark, for quality and design. You can rest assured, that any choice you make will provide a solid piece of door hardware with a durable finish and great warranty.

Baldwin Estate is offered in 22 finishes and is made from Solid forged brass, including knobs, levers, handles and rosettes. This line is the ultimate in customization and offers many different styles and functionality, including both tubular and mortise locks. There are over 71 handlesets, 89 knobs and levers, 65 roses. All come standard with a superior 28º latch, with a nylon insert for quiet operation. All rosettes have concealed screws.

Baldwin Reserve is offered in 8 finishes and the knobs, levers and handles are made from solid forged brass. There are 15 handlesets, 11 knobs/levers and 4 roses.

Baldwin Prestige is offered in 3 finishes and is made from brass/aluminum. It is sold in sets and cannot be customized. There are 7 handlesets, 4 knobs/levers and 2 roses.

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