Why Buying your Door Hardware over the internet provides increased security!

You may be undecided about buying your door hardware from an internet store, but here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

Internet companies generally deal directly with a distributor or the manufacturer, hence the multitude of choices when it comes to availability of finishes and fast shipping, generally 3-5 days. Ever been to a chain store and placed a special order for Door Hardware that is not straight off the shelf? Well the wait is usually 6-10 weeks, and lets face it, there are not many choices available on the shelf. You are limited to a few finishes and functions.

But MOST importantly, all those same brand and style locks that all come out of the same box, most likely all have exactly the same key. So we could take this to the extreme and say that you and your neighbor bought the same brand and style lock from the same big box at your local hardware store and installed them on your front door. NO NEED TO EXCHANGE KEYS anymore with the neighbor to water your plants while you are out of town!

Internet companies ship to customers all over the world, so the chances of someone else having the same key number as you, in your neck of the woods, are slim to none.

We also have many other simple tips about  how to keep your house secure, but don't want to advertise them on the world wide web as security is our number one concern.

Feel free to contact one of our helpful members of staff to discuss your security concerns and how we can help you better secure what matters to you most!

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